Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not feeling so good!

At the Park on a Sunny Day!

At the Park on a Sunny Day!

We found a mask for James! No, he didn't really need it!

At Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital...Lily did great!

Well, we have had some scary and intense moments the last few weeks! First Lily was sick and had to go on antibiotics. She did fine for 10 days. Then...it all happened! Lily woke up with a rash...we took her to the ER. They said it was an allergy to the Amoxicillin. So we stopped the meds and gave her some Benadryl. That night it just got worse. We ended up taking her to the Pediatrician because the rash turned to Purple bruising, and had traveled to her face and eyes. The doctor Prescribed her a steroid and said no more Amoxicillin! It was a scary situation, but I guess fairly common. The rash is now completely gone, however she is still not feeling well. The doctor says she has a viral infection and to just let it run its course!

In the meantime, James has had a bad cough that just hasn't gotten better. This weekend he was having flu like symptoms. He woke up this morning and informed me he was going to Urgent Care! Well you know there is something seriously wrong if a man wants to go to the doctor! We spent the morning at a great new facility on Canyon Road. The nurse and doctor were great. James had a chest xray, nose swab, urine test and blood drawn. The result was that he has pneumonia and is dehydrated. Poor guy! He had a breathing treatment and was put on antibiotics. He opted to not have IV fluids pumped into him, so he is drinking 8ozs of water every 1/2 hour to hour. I am so thankful he decided to go in because this could have been much worse! Hopefully by tomorrow he will really start feeling better! Now we just have to watch Lily and be sure her cough doesn't develop into something worse! On a side note, I am fairly healthy, and hope to stay that way! We don't need Mommy sick too!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Video Clips!


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New Years Resolution! Keeping Blog Updated :-)

Well it is 1/2 way through the second month of the New Year! I realized the other day that I have wonderful intentions when it comes to sending thank you cards, birthday presents, greetings from Washington...its just that the follow through seems to be non existent! I even write the thank you's, buy the presents and cards. However, they never seem to make it in the mail! That being said, this blog started with the greatest of intentions! It is now my New Years Resolution to keep this blog up to date, starting TODAY! I will back track and give you a little time-line through pictures of the past year and a 1/2.