Saturday, June 14, 2008

Carson Is Here!

Carson is here for the summer! We are very excited to have him here for 2 months! Big Brother loves his little sister! The kids had there picture taken for Father's Day! We are sure daddy is going to love his picture!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Cell Phone Downloads

I always have my cell phone with me. These are just some of the moments I captured with my cell camera. I think I may be obsessed with my little Lily!

The JC Penney Experience!

For Lily's one month pictures my mom took her to JC Penney for her portraits. Well...after the experience, I have decided that I will not be going back to JC Penney! I think I like my at home portraits the best! And the environment is much calmer! Here are some of Lily's first "professional" pictures :-)

Lily's One month Pictures and Announcement!

My Announcement!
Wide eyed!
Being Thoughtful!
I am done with the pictures!

Lily's first month!

My first bath! Not very happy!
I feel better now
She is making her "O" face!
4 days old!
Mayah's 8th birthday! May 7th

Welcome Lily James!

On April 23, 2008, Lily James Glasscock was born! We are so happy! We were blessed to have my mom, James mom, and big brother Carson at the birth. Gramma Roberta had been working out of state and just happened to be home for a few days when I went into labor. Nana Charmaine came up to Washington from Oregon earlier in the week. Carson made a special visit from Las Vegas that week and was able to see his little sister right after she was born!

I went into labor at 3am and had Lily at 2:41pm. It was a very quick and easy delivery! Only 4 pushes and she was out! She was 7 pounds 11 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long! What a beautiful baby girl!

We are official Bloggers!

With the birth of our daughter we have decided to start "blogging" our families events! We hope you enjoy seeing a snapshot of our life!