Tuesday, April 13, 2010


For Easter we had a busy weekend! Now we all know the Easter Bunny isn't real...but it sure is fun to find eggs and eat candy! Carson and Lily went to Papa James' company egg hunt at the Sheriffs Department on Saturday Morning. They separated the kids into age groups. Lily was not too sure about finding the eggs, but she quickly got into it! Especially once she found out there was "Canny" in the eggs! The fun quickly ended for her when she saw the Easter Bunny come into the room...she was a little petrified and wouldn't let us put her down again!

Carson had a lot of fun too! Him and his cousins searched for eggs then had a fun time searching for money in a hay pile! I think Carson ended up getting about 5 bucks for his effort!

We ended the day having a final egg hunt at Gramma and Papa's house! This is the third year we have done this and the kids LOVE it! Gramma does an awesome job getting prizes and Papa hides the eggs!

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Basque-Land said...

Such cute little bunnies!