Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break with Bubba!

Carson, or as Lily calls her brother, Bubba! was here for a little over a week for Spring Break! We really had a great time! Lily absolutely loves her brother! She doesn't want to take a nap or go to bed while he is here because she is afraid she will miss something. Some of Lily's favorite things to do with Bubba are throw balls at him, do "this little piggy" with him (she loves it when he goes "weeweewee all the way home!" and tickles her and just be a constant shadow to him!

Carson is a good big brother and try's very hard to not get annoyed with her (they are after all 7 years apart!)

We had a lot of family time this trip and James got to have one on one time with Carson too! Our favorite thing to do as a family is crawl into bed together in the mornings and try to relax...which is nearly impossible because there is a 1 year old and 8 year old jumping all over the place and making lots of noise...which we absolutely love!